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With a combined working experience at Medem of over 120 years you could say we’re experienced in what we do. But more than that we’re interested, interested in our clients, interested in listening, interested in learning, interested in talking and interested in getting things right.

It’s being interested that keeps us energized and ensures we are constantly looking to develop our products to be the most reliable, safest, and flexible available today.

So, please feel free to give a call or drop us an email and we will be happy to help.

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Chris Dearden
Managing Director

Stuart Mason
Sales & Operations Manager

Andy Ogden
Purchasing & Operations Manager

Karen Hulme

Alec Austin

Charlie Stevenson
Commissioning Engineer

Craig Sweaton
Commissioning Engineer

Charles O'neill
Production Supervisor

Gary Dyson

Mark Turnbull

Sam Gears

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