British standard 6173:2009 relating to commercial kitchens

Following a British standard (BS) is obviously very important but you may also want to read TB140, which covers secondary interlocking.

11.1 Ventilation
“Appliances shall be interlocked with ANY mechanical ventilation system that is fitted to enable their safe operation.”

11.2 Interlocking
“An interlock shall be provided which will cut off the gas supply or prevent the operation of the appliances if the mechanical ventilation system provides an inadequate airflow rate for the safe operation of appliances and the safety of the personnel”
It also goes on to say that overrides are not allowed.

12.2 Combustible gas, Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide detectors
“Only detectors designed to operate in a commercial catering environment shall be installed. They shall give an audible alarm and be linked with an automatic gas shut off system which is fail-safe and requires manual intervention to restore the gas supply”

This is an important point because the detectors used in commercial kitchens should have PTFE filters that can be easily changed periodically. A commercial kitchen is not a clean air environment because of grease condensate that can exist in the air even with the best ventilation model. In such an environment detectors will cease to work effectively within, what can sometimes be, a short time.


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