Oxygen (O2)

Oxygen Depletion
Oxygen depletion is used as a method of monitoring for inert/noble gases which will cause a displacement of oxygen in the atmosphere acting and asphyxiants.

These gases are often found in laboratories with an example being Nitrogen and Argon.

O2 detectors must never be used to indicate displacement by Carbon Dioxide (CO2) by measuring O2 deficiency.

O2 detectors should never be used to detect toxic gases again by measuring O2 deficiency.


Nitrogen (N)
Nitrogen is an inert gas which is colourless and odourless, it is heavy than air and is an asphyxiant.

It is commonly used in laboratories as a carrier gas and can be supplied from portable bottles or a piped installation. Liquid nitrogen expands greatly when it evaporates and would displace oxygen creating an oxygen deficient atmosphere quickly.

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Oxygen Enrichment (O2)
An increase in oxygen levels will accelerate a fire so identifying an oxygen leak is important.

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