All the functionality of the GPPS-L, but now with CO2 monitoring.

Gas and electric isolation for the laboratory in one control panel.

GPPS-LE, a gas pressure proving system with isolation for bench electrics. It is designed for use where both gas taps could be left open to the atmosphere (such as in a laboratory) and also key control of the bench electric supply is required. Combining these together in one panel gives a single point of isolation.

Equipped with an LCD, the system is very easy to use. The LCD displays clear messages giving real information rather than just LED indications.

As with all our gas pressure proving systems it employs our patented technology to measure the pressure differential across the solenoid valve when performing a downstream integrity check. This method stops nuisance tripping of the gas supply.

An auto-stop timer is incorporated to help prevent unauthorized use of the gas out-of-hours.

From within the panel the engineer has several ‘engineer functions’ which can be used to aid in the setup of the system – such as displaying in real time both the inlet and outlet pressure at the gas valve (mbar) and the ability to power the valve at a button press, its with functions like these that for example a ‘valve let by indication’ check be performed with ease.

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This product is no longer available. If you need assistance with an already installed unit, please get in touch and we’ll help.


All our products come with a 5-year warranty
Medem’s industry leading five-year warranty is a demonstration of the company’s confidence in the quality and design of its products.
This applies to the main panels and sender units, gas detectors carry a 2-year warranty.

Why not let us install your system and receive a 10-year Warranty?
Where we’ve commissioned an installed system, the warranty is extended from five to ten years. At the time of commissioning, photos and gas pressure readings are recorded along with other relevant details of the installation. A 24-hour helpline number and the serial number is attached with the panel and all details are then entered on to the Medem database.