IGEM/UP11, Edition 2, Gas installations for educational establishments

The Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) document UP11, Edition 2, Gas installations for educational establishments.

This is a comprehensive document that, in our opinion, has paid much consideration to common sense though some of the descriptions and terms used are outdated. Below are some relevant extracts. Please call or email for more information should you require it.

Laboratory Gas Control
The document states under that:
“Where an AIV (gas solenoid valve) is required the system shall include a downstream integrity check before the valve can be reopened.”

“Downstream integrity check” means gas pressure proving system.

The term “Where required” is explained in 6.2.3 where it says that “where it is not practicable to install a manual quarter turn valve in a readily accessible position, or where it is required to interlock the gas supply with other safety systems such as air flow, fire or gas detection an automatic means of isolation shall be installed.”

The term “automatic means of isolation” is explained in 6.2.4 where it describes the term as meaning a gas pressure proving system. In relation to the use of gas pressure proving the IGEM documents UP/1A, Edition 2 and UP2, Edition 2 give more advice on the utilisation of proving for safety.

Food Technology
Section 11.2.4. states that “mechanical ventilation or extract systems shall be interlocked”.
Also, 11.2.4 goes on to say:
Note. Must be read in conjunction with 11.2.5 and accompanying note.
“Where the ventilation requirements for new installations cannot be met, CO2 monitoring shall be fitted. It shall provide an alarm condition at not more than 2,800 ppm to warn the teaching staff to increase ventilation and an automatic shut down of the gas supply at 5,000 ppm.”

Section 11.2.5 is clear in stating that:
“Means shall be provided to monitor the correct provision of air supplies, for example by airflow monitoring by air flow switches or by fan power monitoring. Failure shall lead to the shut down of the gas supply to the cookers.”

“Air supplies” also means extract and “fan power monitoring” means current monitoring in modern terms. As part of the interlock control a gas pressure proving system should be incorporated. For further information see ‘Medem’s news article entitled Individual laboratory control.

Gas Detection & Carbon Monoxide Monitoring in Classrooms and, in essence, it requires that where a boiler room is connected to a teaching area then CO monitoring should also be installed in the occupied area. Consideration should also be given to installing combustible gas detectors within the same teaching area.

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