All about our commissioning promise and what we do to deliver on this.

10-year warranty on all systems
when commissioned by Medem

We design it, build it,
back it up.

Confidence built-in.

10-year warranty

Medem main control panels and pressure sender units are supplied with industry leading 5-year parts warranty as standard and when commissioned by a Medem engineer this can be increased to 10-years and includes a 24hr helpline.

A Medem engineer attends site to check for full and correct operation of the supplied equipment.

Site information including gas pressures, fan amperage's is recorded and photographs taken which are uploaded to our own service database.

This information is then instantly available for precise service back up and support via our 24hr telephone helpline.

The 24hr helpline is manned by Medem personnel only.

2-year warranty
Gas detectors are supplied with a two-year warranty. Detectors are required to be tested and recalibrated every 6-12 months dependant on type and monitored environment to maintain this warranty term.

24-hour helpline
Our helpline is staffed by Medem employees. Using our database combined with our control panels advanced diagnostics we are able to guide the caller through a quick series of checks and either has them back up and running or where the issue is external to our system inform them of the relevant persons/trades required to address the problem.

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