Each Medem proving system features our patented method of differential gas pressure proving which is the only true non-assumptive method of performing a downstream integrity check. Systems can be supplied for use on many gas types and pressures up to 10bar including degreased for use on oxygen supplies.

Information on gas proving and the current standards can be found at UP11 and UP1.

Service Control Systems
These are designed to provide the operator with a single control panel for individual control and isolation of each service (gas, water, electric) but a single point of isolation to prevent wastage or misuse and emergency isolation.

Further guidance can be found in BB80.

Multi-Gas Pressure Proving
Provides a single panel solution for pressure proving multiple gas lines in a single laboratory, these can be for different gas types and pressures with individual control for use and a single point of emergency isolation.

CO2 & Gas Detection
All of our current range of laboratory gas safety panels have the ability to monitor for CO2, CO. natural gas and oxygen depletion detectors.

Exotic gases can also be monitored by the SEC-elite to provide detection of hydrogen, chlorine, etc.

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