IGEM/UP/1A, Edition 2, Strength testing, tightness testing

IGEM/UP/1A, Edition 2, Strength testing, tightness testing and direct purging of small, low pressure industrial and commercial Natural Gas installations.

Section 2:
Scope 2.4 states that the document procedures apply in relation to the following (amongst others areas):
“Where there has been a complete loss of pressure for any reason, note, The closure of a valve, for example, the ECV, can result in the complete loss of pressure which necessitates tightness testing and purging before resumption of supply”

An explanation of the above in relation to gas pressure proving. The first referring to the words “can result in the complete loss of pressure”. When a solenoid or other type of ECV closes for whatever reason if a downstream boiler, appliance or Bunsen burner is switched on then the gas pressure will be lost.

This is likely to happen particularly where flame safety devices are fitted.

Further reasons for the use of gas pressure proving systems can be found in this standard IGEM/UP2, Edition 2.

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