Building Bulletin 100, Design for fire safety in schools

This is a very comprehensive document so here are just a couple of extracts that we feel are relevant for the application of our systems in a boiler house.

It is not common practice today to have an operative (caretaker) living on the site and therefore available to reset the boilers after a power cut, so the following section from the document is intended to overcome potential issues such as preventing pipes freezing. It also aims to minimise closures because the building has cooled after a power cut, perhaps the night before.

In section 3.1.8 boiler/plant rooms are covered by the following:
“School boiler/plant rooms are considered as areas of high fire risk. For this reason, the following fire safety precautions are required for new schools and where an existing boiler/plant room is upgraded or refurbished”

This section of the document then goes on to state that a boiler house attached to the main school building should be fitted with combustible gas and carbon monoxide detection. It also states that a pressure proving system can auto reset after a power cut so that the boilers can restart automatically.

Only the boilers for the heating of the school can have the gas supply on auto reset after a power cut.

If you require any additional information on our systems to help meet these design standards or wish to discuss the standards further please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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