Safety in a Boiler Room.

Installation of GPPS-evo System

COMPLETED: March 2019


Rolls-Royce, the pioneer in cutting-edge technologies and engineering uses Medem to meet a gas safety need.


Following a recent review of their internal gas controls, the need for a gas pressure proving system to improve safety, efficiency and out of hours isolation was identified. With a company renowned for their high levels of engineering quality and reliability excellence, the Medem GPPS-evo was a perfect fit. The GPPS-evo has been installed to provide a downstream integrity check of the gas supply to a production line with emergency isolation. On start-up, the system uses our patented method of gas pressure proving to confirm that there are no leaks or open gas appliances before making the gas available for use. The adjustability of the proving times ensured that the test time could be set to confirm the integrity of the gas installation with minimal delay, so helping meet sites requirements fully.


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