Our Story

A little more about who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Some years ago, someone outside the building industry asked me "What does Medem do?" I replied, "We design and manufacture a range of electronic control panels for the built environment in gas safety, indoor environment monitoring and energy monitoring." That’s not all we do but I didn’t want to bore them into an unconscious state so left it at that. This inspired the thinking about the best way to describe our company for our website. So I think the beginning is a good place to start.

Some years ago (see our historical timeline) our chairman and company founder, Nigel Thornley, identified a problem with all gas pressure proving systems in that they were prone to nuisance isolating of the gas supply in school laboratories. Nigel developed and patented the solution (See differential pressure proving) and so Medem UK came to be in 1984.

Today we are a company with all the skills necessary employed within it to develop new ideas to help the building industry meet the ever-growing demands for increased safety and energy management. We have a continuing research and development program in operation and we invest heavily in the latest production equipment on a regular basis. Also, operating an intensive training program in which our youngest colleagues are currently working towards their HND 2 level and our operations manager his BSc.

I hope I've painted a small picture here of what we are all about If you would like to phone us, test us, specify us or join us and find out that we're really interested in the industry and you.

Chris Dearden
Managing Director

We’re interested in you!

Whether you’re a consultant or specifier, installation engineer or end user, we’re interested in what you want and how we can best provide it.

At Medem we design, manufacture and support our products, as such, we involve ourselves in the entire process. This keeps our products up to date and relevant in a changing market.

We are members of several organisations managing and promoting technical standards. We have an in-depth knowledge of the technical and mandatory requirements in regard to the application of our products. We can, therefore, guide our clients on the interpretation of standards and the correct products.

With our own Gas Safe and 17th edition qualified engineers we can be on site as part of the installation and commissioning process and with our 24-hour telephone line we’re there for the end user providing whatever support they require.

We stand by our statement:

We design it,
build it,
back it up.

  • All our design skills are within the company, we manufacture from our own factory using the latest production methods.

  • True differential gas pressure proving, measuring pressure using micro-transducers. (patented by Medem UK).

  • The Medem brand is the benchmark in our sector for reliability and longevity as demonstrated by our five and Ten-year warranty.

  • We hold ISO 9001:2008 certification for the design and manufacture of electronic control systems for use within commercial and public buildings.

  • As part of our commitment to provide the very best service, we operate a 24-hour helpline for end users, installers and maintenance engineers.

  • On commissioning of our products, we include each site onto our database for use when a call is received, ensuring we have site information to hand. This information includes not just our system type but also information on any fans, power use, gas installation and pressures as well as site images for easier communication.

  • All proving systems have an LCD readout to make them very easy to use. The LCD displays step by step instructions as well as current status and suggestions to resolve issues such as inadequate ventilation or gas issues.

  • As an informed manufacturer, we can deliver CPD seminars complete with points towards mandatory training. We are specialists in our field on mandatory requirements advice as well as guidance, best practice and interpretation of such.

  • As part of our design and prototyping process, our systems are tested independently by a government approved testing house.

  • We are members of the British Standards Institute, the Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers and the Institute of Gas Engineers & Managers.

As a team of people, we want to enjoy what we do but that does not mean, of course, that we ever forget that we carry a great responsibility.

Developing products and building them ourselves means we have the knowledge to support them and confidence in them. We do not believe in tagging products together from different manufacturers to sell for profit.

We are about purpose designed solutions using internal skills to get the job done correctly with no compromises.

Each year we re-invest our profit into developing both our team and our products further by training and listening to learn.

That profit is the by-product of our success and that success comes from understanding that we must never compromise anything we do just to add money to the bottom line.

Have a question or need some help?

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