University of East Anglia

Gas Pressure Proving in laboratory upgrades.

Upgrade of several labs and providing gas pressure proving control



Carbon Dioxide (CO2) occurs naturally in the atmosphere and can be used as an early indicator of deteriorating air quality and is often used in laboratories for incubators or mass spectrometers for example.

With the upgrade of several labs, there was a requirement to provide gas pressure proving control of the natural gas lines to meet the requirements of IGEM/UP/11 Edition 3 Gas Installations for educational establishments.


This standard requires a gas pressure test to look for leaks or open gas appliances before making the gas available to use. During the design stage, it was identified that the ‘super-lab’ needed multiple gas valves, this raised concern for onsite usability and cost. Medem was able to offer the SEC-elite system, its unique multi-proving feature removed the need for multiple control panels in a single room. Reducing equipment and installation costs whilst providing a simpler user experience.

CO2 detectors were also installed to monitor for sufficient ventilation levels.


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