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Gas detection with valve control and automatic restarting.

Installation of SEC-B Panel System



With numerous boiler rooms in need of refurbishment, the safe control of the gas solenoid valves was highlighted, with particular concern to resetting after a power loss or fire alarm activation.


To overcome these concerns the Medem SEC-B panel was chosen. In normal operation, the system will prove the integrity of the gas line at the point of switching on thus allowing the use of gas to fire the boilers that can then be controlled by timers and thermostats etc. with leak detection monitoring by gas detectors.

If an alarm situation is identified the system will isolate the gas solenoid valve requiring a manual reset as per the current gas regulations.

However, if the system is isolated as a result of a power failure or fire alarm, once power is resumed or the fire alarm manually reset the system automatically restarts and performs a gas pressure prove, reducing the potential for site downtime.

The use of a proving system enables compliance with IGEM/UP/1A Edition 2 “the closure of a valve, for example, the AIV, can result in the complete loss of pressure which necessitates tightness testing and purging before resumption of supply”.

The incorporation of the gas pressure proving system is able to overcome this uncertainty and allows the operator to simply reset the gas pressure proving system so that an integrity test is automatically carried out before the gas supply is restored to either negate any leakage or, if confirmed, warrant investigation and repair.


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